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Here’s What People Are Saying About Alabama Attorney Jim Hasser

 Mobile Register (AL){PUBLICATION2}

April 15, 1999 Section: B Edition: 01 Page: 06

Insurance to cover $7.5 million DUI fatal

RON COLQUITT Staff Reporter

Insurance to cover $7.5 million DUI fatal By RON COLQUITT Staff Reporter A Mobile County Circuit Court civil jury awarded a $7.5 million judgment Tuesday to JeanDon, the widow of a Mobile doctor who was killed by a drunken driver in June 1996.

Dr. Horace M. Don, who was driving a Camaro, died in the fiery crash on Fowl River Road when his car was struck by a Corvette driven by Johnny Smith, 48, of Mobile. Smith also died in the crash. The case was heard before Judge Chris Galanos.

The 71-year-old doctor was a semi-retired family practitioner who moved to the Mobile area in 1985 from Iowa. Mrs. Don, who brought the wrongful death lawsuit against Smith, declined comment on the verdict.

Her attorney, James E. Hasser Jr., expressed satisfaction with the jury’s decision. “Dr. Don’s family was very pleased with the outcome of the trial, and hopes that the size of the verdict will be enough to make others think and to help prevent them from drinking and driving.

“Nobody wins in a situation like this. … It was a fiery death, awful.”

Hasser said Smith was driving a car that belonged to a car dealership, and the insurance company that was providing insurance on the car will have to pay the $7.5 million.

James C. Johnston, Smith’s attorney, said his client was not a bad person.

Smith “made a bad mistake, which resulted in what happened – it was just a bad set of circumstances,” Johnston said.

According to Johnston, it took the jury about half an hour to reach the verdict, and he was not sure whether Smith’s family would appeal.

The crash occurred about 2:30 p.m. near Don’s home in south Mobile County. Police at the scene said a lack of skid marks indicated both men probably died instantly.

During the trial, testimony showed that Smith was “extremely intoxicated,” with a blood-alcohol level of .31, nearly four times the level at which the person is presumed to be intoxicated, Hasser said. Tests of Smith’s blood also revealed the presence of prescription drugs Percodan, Valium and Darvon, testimony showed. PHOTO

“Dr. Don’s family … hopes that the size of the verdict will be enough to make others think and to help prevent them from drinking and driving.” – James E. Hasser Jr., plaintiff’s attorney

Copyright 1999, Mobile Register. All Rights Reserved. Used by NewsBank with Permission.

My wife was involved in an accident with an 18 wheeler in 2003.  As a result of the wreck my wife was left with a Traumatic Brain Injury that has changed her life forever.  As a 34 year old mother of two, I knew she was going to have to be compensated with a large settlement that would have to take care of her for the rest of her life.

A friend of mine, who lost her husband due to someone’s negligence, told me about Mr. Hasser.  She explained to me the care and diligence that he demonstrated to her and her family in securing a multi-million dollar judgment.

I contacted Mr. Hasser and my father-in-law and I met with him.  After our meeting I decided to retain Mr. Hasser.  Over the next 18 months as he handled my wife’s case, I knew I had made the right decision.  Through the tireless work of Mr. Hasser and his team of experts, my wife is now financially taken care of for the rest of her life and I can make sure she has everything that she needs.


Don & Val Williams

Robertsdale, Al

We were very pleased with the outcome of our other son’s death case; but I’m prejudiced….he’s my son!

Peggy Hasser

Mobile, Al.

I had a longshoreman case that had been mishandled by another attorney since 1990, it was basically dead in the water. When Jimmy Hasser took over my case, he brought it back to life and things propelled quickly and my case was settled. I am very well pleased with the way Jimmy Hasser handled my case.


Aaron Foster

Lucedale, MS

I first became a client of Jimmy Hasser when I had a life altering car accident.  I was on a full scholarship for volleyball and the accident changed my future.  At first I was not going to seek legal help until I discussed my situation with Jimmy.  He was able to secure my future and my education.  Because of Jimmy’s persistence and knowledge of the law I now have a Master’s degree in Education.  Thank you, Jimmy for your hard work and dedication.

Jennifer L. Sharitt

Camden, NC

Hello. My name is Nyree Campbell. Jimmy Hasser has been “my lawyer” for the past five years. I was fortunate enough to meet Jimmy through a friend who is  a client of Jimmy’s also. I was involved in an accident of which I was hit from behind and pushed into another vehicle. Thus resulting in damage to the front and back of my car and a twisted spine and small fractures in my neck. I called Jimmy within three days of the accident and he handled everything! I turned in all the paperwork and gave him the number to my doctor and he took things from there. He stayed in contact with me updating and giving status on the case on a regular basis. He was polite, accurate and thorough in answering my questions and having my best interests in the matter at hand. The case was successfully handled out of court, but if needed Jimmy was ready for court also. I have no complaints or disappointments about the service given to me by Mr. Hasser. And will readily recommend him to others. Thank you Jimmy for your professionalism in a friendly and caring manner.

Nyree O. Campbell

Mobile, AL

James Hasser has been my family lawyer since 1993.  Jimmy was referred to me by a family friend that was a client of his also we both had got hurt at Northrup Grumman and he fought against the giant for me and helped me to get what was due to me and my family.  Since 1993 I have referred many people to Jim that has been very satisfied with the service. Jim does not treat them as a client only but he treats them with respect as a friend and he has worked with three generations in my family. I felt that he cares about me as a person not as a client and that is the reason I always refer to him because my lawyer is the better of the best.

Mary Lawrence

Escatawpa MS

My Mom passed away earlier this year, and after her death, I thanked Jimmy Hasser for his help five years ago.  Jimmy made it possible for my family to have the funds necessary to provide home care to my Mom after injuries sustained in a car crash that left her bed-ridden and unable to walk.  Jimmy aggressively pursued all avenues with multiple insurance companies and was successful in reaching a settlement.

Julie Gibson

Jefferson City, MO

I was hurt on the job. Mr. Jim Hasser did a great job on my case. There was very little involvement on my part and I was very satisfied. I would recommend him to anyone.

Michael Thomassie

LaRose, LA


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