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Areas of Practice


 Car Wrecks

Car wrecks occurring in Alabama are covered under Alabama law. Most common questions are pretty well addressed on our homepage. For any questions, go there and see if they are answered. If not, email us at for a free copy of Jim’s book.

Car wrecks are not the only accident claims Jim talks about in his book. He talks about slip and falls and other






Mass Torts and Class Actions

Mass Torts are large numbers of individual cases brought against one or more of a number of related defendants for injuries or property damage. These are usually handled by groups of law firms that band together in litigation teams. If successful, the victims are paid out varying amounts of money based on their individual case.

Typically, you will see these kind of injury claims brought against drug manufacturers such as Pfizer or Bayer. For claims for pollution damage, you will typically see them brought against  industries such as steel mills and other plants. A current example would be the claims against BP, Transocean and Halliburton for the oil spill.

Class Actions are brought by one person on behalf of others who have been hurt or ripped off. These are also usually handled by groups of law firms that band together in litigation teams.

If the class action is successful or settled, class members usually get the same amount of money and it is usually small amounts.

You ask, “why even have them if the amount is so small?” The answer is that class actions are designed to right a wrong (usually a small rip off not worth suing for individually) occurring to a large number of people, such as a fraudulent $0.1 charge on your credit card.


Alabama Worker’s Compensation Claims

Worker’s hurt on land in Alabama are covered under this law. In some instances it can cover workers hired here but injured in other states and those hired elsewhere but hurt here. Generally, Alabama’s compensation benefits are better than those of surrounding states.






Longshore Compensation Claims

This law covers shipyard workers and roustabouts hurt on offshore fixed platform oil rigs and surprisingly enough, private contractors working for the government overseas in war zones.

Examples of Longshore Employers in the Pascagoula, Mississippi area are:  Ingall’s Shipyard and Northrop Grumman Ship Systems, Flechas M M Shipyard, and Omega Shipyard.

Examples of Longshore Employers in the Mobile, Alabama area are Bender’s Shipyard, Atlantic Marine Shipyard, Austal Shipyard, Signal Ship Repair, Steiner Shipyard, Alabama Drydock and Shipbuilding (ADDSCO), BAE Systems, Master Boat Builders, Harrison Brothers Drydoc, US Inc, Offshore Inland Marine & Oil Field Services, Gazzier Shipyard, and Pitalo’s Marine.

In Louisianna there are Southern Sheet Metal, and International Offshore Services, to just name a few.

Examples of Offshore companies are Exxon/Mobile, Transocean, and BP.

The following is a link to a list of U,S. shipyards:

A list of offshore drilling companies can be found at

For more information about the Longshore Act and your claim email and request a copy of Jim’s book on Longshore law. 



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